About Us

Our Philosophy

Valuing connection with others.

We value go-en (which means “good encounters by fate” in Japanese) — our connection with clients, staff members, partner companies, and any person that we meet through our business. We are proud of the achievements we have made over the past 10 years, solely built upon positive reviews and referrals. We will continue to be the company that you can feel assured to refer to your family and friends. 

Our Aspiration

Our company name was derived from the word “tiptop” in aspiration to reach the top of this industry. The last “p” was dropped to remind us that we should always be modest and never stop making effort.

We are committed to strive for the top with modesty.

Our Ideals

A company that practices all of my nice-to-haves.
A company that I would want to work at.
That’s the kind of company I wanted to create.

Specifically, a company that freelancers can work without worries. A company where working parents find it comfortable to work at. There is still more room for improvement, but Tipto will continue to innovate to become that kind of company.

Our Story

I founded Tipto when my daughter was in her terrible twos and my son was only seven months old. Back then, I was working freelance, constantly worrying about stabilizing and increasing my income. With support from mommy friends and colleagues, Tipto was able to yield sales of 16 million yen in its first fiscal year. 

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Learning from my own hardships, I wanted to create a company where freelancers could work without worrying and provide a work environment that was friendly to working parents. I proactively took initiatives for talent development and created an internship program where inexperienced translators can develop skills to become professionals.

Our business and teamwork were growing steadily, driven by a team of translators with outstanding performance and highly motivated interns, until the whole world was hit by the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19. Tipto was severely impacted, especially since our primary business was in the tourism and pharmaceutical industry.

With strong belief that people are our strongest assets and that our business is fueled by our translators, I didn’t want to cut anyone loose. Although our sales have dropped since the outbreak of COVID-19, we continue to maintain a vigorous work environment full of smiles and laughs.

As of September 2022, Tipto has entered its 11th fiscal year. We currently have 25 energetic members working happily.

Our Culture

Tipto is always open to incorporate interesting ideas and fun practices, such as:

  • Granting paid vacations and bonuses to freelancers
  • A work environment that is friendly to working parents
  • A culture of referring to each other by first names
  • Hosting parties twice every year (once in the summer and another in winter)


  • Established a corporate tennis team 
  • Appointed a tennis player/YouTuber, Shogo Sato as our PR Ambassador

From our clients

“Since the very start of our communication, your responses have always been courteous, and I am glad we chose your company for translations. I reviewed the points checked by a native speaker and learned a lot from it.”